Subscription to my webinar courses

You can subscribe to our courses offered from time to time through webinar.

If you want to participate, you need first to check for our current course here:

Each month, we give an 8-lesson course. You can join the course at any time and pay after the course ends.

IMPORTANT: Nobody will send you any email to ask you to pay anything. Ethically, however, if you are not entitled to  a free-of-charge course, you need to make the payment by the end of the course.

I accept credit cards through PayPal. (Mastercard, Visa Card etc.) (The fees are US$50.00)

If you want to get a certificate of attendance, you will have to pay an additional amount of US$30.00. Contact me for a different payment link.

To get the payment link or for other ways of transfer, please send me an email: m a b u r i s h a @

Solved: we didn’t find anything to show here (Outlook 2013)

I had this annoying problem for a while. The send folder hides my emails in Outlook 2013 though they are present in the web-based email. My email is at

Several solutions are posted elsewhere on the internet but noting worked for me.

I finally, and simply, solved the problem by removing the account from outlook 2013 then creating it again. It worked for me!