Endorsed Arabic Translators and Interpreters


This is a list of translators whom I happen to know. Some of them showed me their work while others have worked with me on some projects between Arabic and English. I thought of creating this list to endorse them as good translators.

If you wish to contact them (for a translation job), you can do so. Their emails are listed here. There are, however, few things to consider:

  1. This endorsement is a personal impression. I cannot really, or reasonably, see all of the work of the translators to give an accurate professional idea about it. To the best of my knowledge, the samples they showed me were highly professional
  2. If you chose any of the members of the list, you will need to ask him to translate a few pages for you before embarking on the whole project.
  3. Most people working as translators require their work to be proofread and edited. You cannot expect an error-free rendering. I will, though, refer, in this list, to those whose work was highly professional that the customers did not find significant mistakes in their work.
  4. Use discretion when contacting any translator. I do not assume any responsibility.

To translators: If you have worked with me in the past or if you believe I am aware of your performance, you can ask for my endorsement.

To call me at any time: Mohammed Abu-Risha, email: maburisha ((at)) yahoo .com

I. Translators:

Lamees slaem.png

(Lamis Salem received very good feedback from customers)


(John’s work is among the best)


(I have seen some of her samples. Very accurate and professional)


(Manar received very good feedback from customers)

m shalabi

6 emails

7. Ashraf Amer: http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/member73735.htm




(Jamal received very good feedback from customers)

11. Faiza Al Munajed: faiza munajed email

 I. Interpreters:

Only simultaneous interpreters are endorsed. If you are a conference interpreter and wish to be endorsed, tell me so that I pass your name to some friends. Three simultaneous interpreters should endorse you to be listed here. YOU WILL NOT know who those three interpreters are.

  1. Zakariya Rahahleh, United Arab Emirates
  2. Rima Hourani, Jordan

If you are an outsourcer, use the form below so that I give you the full contact details of the interpreters.


Endorsed linguists may advertise their services here www.arabinterpreters.com

Interpreters, translators and other linguists may seek endorsement here http://www.interpretersweb.com



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