Curriculum Vitae for Mohammed Abu-Risha

Translator, senior interpreter, language instructor and translation trainer

Last Updated: April 2012


* Note: Have been a conference interpreter since 2002

* Have worked as a conference interpreter for almost all kinds of international and local organizations located in Jordan.

I – Personal Details


Marital status                      Married

Nationality                           Jordanian

Place of Birth                      Amman Jordan

Date of Birth                       October 5, 1973

Current Place of Residence       Amman , Jordan

English Proficiency Tests

TOEFL IBT                        Score : 109 out of 120

IELTS                                 Score 7.0 out of 9.0 (Academic Test)


II- Education

MA in Translation (average: 3.69 / 4 = 92.25%) .1997 1999.

The University of Jordan Amman ,Jordan

BA English Language and Literature (average: Good)  1991 1995

Aleppo University Aleppo , Syria

III- Languages

Arabic and English (Fluent at both in speaking, listening, reading and writing).


IV- Work experience


A. Full Time:

-10/9/2008-up till now. Training Manager.and Simultaneous Interpreter Abu-Ghazaleh International Translation. Organized and delivered a lot of training courses in general translation, mass media translation, legal translation, simultaneous & consecutive interpreting and accounting and auditing translation.

Approximate number of hours taught in translation courses since September 2008 is:  (1660 contact hours)   (around 56 courses each averaging 30 contact hours)

– Work also as an editor

– Freelance interpreter and translator, trainer and researcher.   (Number of Interpreting Days: more than 500 days since 2003 (Attached is a list of some conferences and workshops.  Not all my work is documented unfortunately)

-September 16, 2006-August 31, 2008. Department  of English. University of Petra. Instructor

– September 16, 2003 September 15, 2006. Department of English. Al-Isra Private University -Amman , Jordan , Instructor

– September 16, 2000-September 15, 2003. Department of English. Zarqa Private University -Zarqa , Jordan , Instructor

-July 1996-September1997. Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property Amman , Jordan Trademarks Assistant

B. Part-Time

March 2003-Still. Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreter. For all conference service providers in Jordan .

– Summer 2004 Lecturer of Argumentative and Instructive Translation. University of Petra .

– Spring 2003-Fall 2004 Lecturer of English Communication Skills at

Arab Open University

– Spring 2000-Fall 2001 Lecturer at New York Institute of Technology

Spring 1999-Fall 2003 Lecturer at the Language Centre and the Department of English. The University of Jordan .

C- Miscellaneous Works:

– Trainer of the Iraqi Parliament’s Translators Delegation.

Amman 6-9 Feb. 2005

Trainer. General Translation. University of Jordan Centre for Consultation, Technical Services and Studies.

– Trainer. Advanced Translation. Jordanian Translators Association.

Interpreter in seminars held at the International Institute

of Islamic Thought. Amman

Lecturer of a Preparatory Course for the TOEFL.

University of Jordan Centre for Consultation, Technical Services and Studies

– Interpreter at many international conferences and seminars in Amman

– Lecturer in training courses held by Abu-Ghazaleh Organisation

Publications and Research

–  Book Review for Studies in Contemporary Arabic- English Socio-linguistics to be published at JosTrans in its Tenth edition.

– Investigations in the ethnoliguistic theory across language communities. Published in  JoStrans. January 2008.

– Towards more efficient courses of translation.

Atlas Journal for Studies and Research. Vol1:1. 2005.

Atlas Centre for Studies and Research. Jordan

Resources for self-training translators.

Atlas. Journal for Studies and Research. Vol1:2. 2005.

Atlas. Centre for Studies and Research. Jordan

– What should a learner s dictionary include? A refereed paper

published in Zarka Journal for Research and Studies

(Vol.5, No.1, Rabia 2, 1424, June 2003. pp.21-52)

You and People. Afaq Cultural Magazine. Zarka Private University

– Thoughts Outspoken. Published at my personal

– The theory of equivalence: A Survey.

– Questions and answers on the theory of translation for students

expected to sit the Comprehensive Exam in translation at the MA level in

Jordan .

– Norm of Interpretation and Norm of Interaction across Language Communities. Not published.

– Resources for self-training translators. (Referred Paper). Atlas

Journal for Studies and Research, Vol1:2, 2006, Amman

The Dictionary at


V- Miscellaneous

Secretary Editor of Studies in Translation (A refereed Journal published by the Jordanian Translators Association Jordan)

– Secretary Editor of Atlas Journal for Translation and Research. Jordan .

– Acquainted with the open university system.

– Skillful in using computer applications including email and internet applications (IBM + Apple Macintosh) and a beginner in composing web pages

– Skillful in writing business letters and memos

– Skillful in Typing (English)

– A one-month training in translation at Petra News Agency

– Attended a course in business communication


Courses Taught at Abu-Ghazaleh Translation, Distribution and Publishing:

–        Five-Day Simultaneous Interpreting Course for Translators working for Arab Gulf States’ Cooperation Council (Riyadh- KSA)

–        Legal translation course in Muscat- Oman

–        Several training workshops at local universities (free of charge in line with TAG-Org’s corporate responsibility).

–        An online general translation course for UNAMI’s translators (headquartered in Iraq)

–        In Amman, I taught for more than three years (corresponding to around 1000 contact hours) in the following fields:

General translation, Legal translation, mass media translation, simultaneous interpreting, Arabic editing skills, translation of international organisation documents, economics translation, management translation, financial translation, basic skills of translation, among other courses.

Courses Taught at the University Level

-English Communication Skills, Reading Skills, ESP, General translation (intermediate and advanced), literary translation, management translation,  the Theory of Translation, Listening Comprehension, Speaking Skills, paragraph writing, essay writing, translation of expository texts, translation of argumentative texts, Learning English through literature, Remedial English, Oral Skills, applied linguistics, English basic grammar, English advanced grammar.

Voluntary Activities

It was my honor and pleasure to carry out the following activities on a voluntary basis for the service of my students:

– March-April 2010.  A ten-hour course in translation at the Hashemite University.

-Fall 2000-Spring 2000. Coordinator and teacher of the language centre initiative remedial English courses, on a voluntary basis, to all university freshmen.

Translation courses. Zarka Private University

– A Course on the History of England and English Literature. Zarka Private University

– Two TOEFL courses. Zarka Private University

– Four courses in speaking. Zarka Private University

– Two English courses for teachers at Zarka Private University

– A course in translation and vocabulary development. Al-Isra University

– Two courses in speaking. Al-Isra University

– A TOEFL course. Al-Isra University

– Arabic for Non-native speakers. Al-Isra University

Seminars & Presentations

Translation between theory and practice. Zarqa Private University.  11/5/2010

– From Ethnolinguistic Eyes. Zarka Private University .

– A Formalistic Approach to Literature. Zarka Private University .

– The Ethnolinguistic Theory and Translation (in Arabic). Al-Isra University .

– A Step Towards Excellence: Demonstration on Presentation. Al-Isra University

– The Ethnolinguistic Theory. Al-Isra University

– Cultural Problems in Reading and Translation. Al-Isra University


VI- Papers Submitted at Conferences


– Translator as Cultural Mediator with Specific Reference to the Translatability of the Alchemist. Al-Zaytouna University Conference in Language, Translation and Literature, Jordan. 20/10/2011.

– Using Arab Heritage in Supporting Translation Theories with Specific Reference to the Role of the Quran as an Inspiring Source for Translation Studies. Sultan Qaboos University. May 14-15. 2011

Workshop on Translators’ Teaching Methodologies. Sultan Qaboos University. May 14-15. 2011

Translators and Labour Market. Isra University. April 28, 2011

Translators’ Teaching Methodologies. Irbid National University, April 20-21, 2011

Translators’ Communities. German Jordanian University, April 2011

Experiential Memory as a barrier to translation.  Applied Science University.

Towards a science of interpreting. Amman Private University. 13/5/2010

Emotion: the excluded aspect of translators.  Aal Al-Beit University.

Translator a Co-Author. Yarmuk University 19th Conference on Literature, Language and Translation. 27-29/4/2010

Translator as Co-Author. Language and Power Conference.  Science Applied University. Jordan. December 9, 2009.

Free Translation Training in the Cyberspace Atlas-

Applied Science University. Amman December 11, 2007

Towards More Efficient Courses of Translation.Yarmouk 17th

International Conference on Language & Linguistics, Literature and

Translation. Yarmouk University . April 12, 13 2005

– Resources for Self-Training Translators. Atlas International Conference on Linguistics, Translation and Lexicography. December 18-19, 2006. Amman

Verses of the Holy Quran in light of contemporary theories of translation. 18th International Conference on Literature, language, linguistics and translation. Yarmouk University. April 25-27, 2007.

Library for The Jordanian Translation Students. A paper submitted

in Arabic at Zarqa Private University Conference on Libraries as a source of

knowledge and development November 11-12, 2007. Jordan.


VII- Research Interests

– The ethnolinguistic theory across language communities

– Lexicography

– Translation studies (learning, practicing, mastering and error analysis)

– Ideological interference and the translatability of the Holy Quran

– Translation studies with reference to the translatability of sacred texts.

– Contrastive textology

– Transfer of linguistic habits

VIII- Books

– Translation into Arabic of the Grave Error

– Lectures in Translation, 2012.



IX- Theories in Translation

– Proposed a theory on:

* Translator as co-author

* Orphanisation

X- Committees

– Head of the translation committee at Al-Isra University

– Member of the Translation committee at Zarka Private University


XI- Membership

– Jordanian Translators and Applied Linguists Association- Member of the administrative board since 2009 till now.

-Jordanian Translators Association, (administrative member for the years 2006-2008)

-Arab Translators Network Arab Professional Translators Society (Vice-President for Education and Training)

– Arab Translators and Intercultural Dialogue Association ATIDA


XII- Articles

Translators under stress

When the translator kills himself

-The theory of non-equivalence in translation: A survey

– From ethnolinguistic eyes

– Stop! You have the time

– A lesson in life

– Kul am wa antum bikhair

– The Amazing Connector

– You and People

– What the rumors say?

-Don t burn it please!

– Why!

– Finis

– In brief

– On the way to the Mosque

– At the end of the tunnel


XIII – Courses Taught at/trthough Abu-Ghazaleh Translation, Distribution and Publishing

– A legal translation course in Muscat/Oman (Omani Arab Training Institute) 2009.

– A simultaneous interpreting course for the Gulf Arab States Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia 2012

– A general translation course for translators, Ramallah 2012

– An advanced translation course for translators in Suleimani/ American University of Solimani, 2012

– Eight 40-hour course in General Comprehensive Translation (English-Arabic, Arabic-English)

– Four  40-hour course in Simultaneous Interpreting (English-Arabic, Arabic-English)

– Four 40-hour course in Legal Translation (English-Arabic, Arabic-English)

– Two 40-Mass Media Translation (English-Arabic, Arabic-English)

– One Finance Translation (English-Arabic, Arabic-English)

– Online courses in NGO Document Translation (English-Arabic, Arabic-English)

– Online Courses in General Comprehensive Translation (English-Arabic, Arabic-English)


XIV- Courses Taught at Arab Translators’ Society

– General Translation (English-Arabic, Arabic-English)

– Management Translation (English-Arabic, Arabic-English)

– Legal Translation (English-Arabic, Arabic-English)


XV- References

-Dr. Nihal Amira, Department of English, Petra University, Jordan

– Dr. Ibrahim Shalabi, Department of Translation, Isra University. Jordan

-Prof. Wajeeh Abdul-Rahman, Department of English, Isra University, Jordan

-Prof. Muhammad Raji Zughoul, Department of English, Yarmouk University, Jordan

-Prof. Rajai Khanji, Department of English, University of Jordan.



Favorite Quote

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country (John Kennedy)


XVI- SomeConferences, Seminars and Workshops in which I worked as a simultaneous interpreter

The following is a list of some conferences and seminars in which I worked as a freelance simultaneous interpreter. Unfortunately, I did not document all conferences and seminars. It is anyway not feasible to write them all in a resume.

17-19/12/2003 International workshop/ ILO & ICFTU

23/11/2004 The Social Dialogue/ Solidarity Center

2/10/2004-4/10/2004 Judicial System in Iraq/ UNDP

27/11/2004-29/11/2004 Islam and Muslims in the 21st Century/ Ministry of Waqfs

5/10/2004-6/10/2004 Discussions of ILO proposals for Jordan’s labor law amendments/ Ministry of Labor- Trade Unions

12/12/2004-13/12/2004 International Conference on Employment in Iraq/ ILO

12-13/7/2005 SMEs and Microfinance/ SANABEL

11/9/2005-15/9/2005 Iraq business association executive development workshop/CIPE

15/8/2005-17/8/2005 Democratic process and its implications on Iraqi media/ International Federation of Journalists


29/06/2006 Criminal Justice and Human Rights/ Amman Centre for Human Rights

11/2/2006-13/2/2006 Global Women’s Action Network for Children/ Children Defense

21-24/8/2006 Hazardous Material Workshop/ Civil Defense Department

23/7/2006-2/8/2006 Training Workshop on Emergency Interventions/ Relief International

27/5/2006-29/5/2006 Towards a democratic civil Islam/ Al-Quds Centre for Studies and Research

8/2/2006 Amman City Development Strategy Workshop/ Amman Greater Municipality

19-20/7/2006 Fighting Against Terrorism/ Interpol

18/6/2007-5/7/2007 Federalism for Iraqi Professors and Deans/ CIDA

6/8/2007-19/8/2007 Federalism for Iraqi Professors and Deans/ CIDA

7-9/1/2007 Auditing and Accounting Standards/ UNDP

4-5/6/2007 Developing Business Plans for Iraqi Institutions

4-8/2/2007 Interventions in emergencies/ CIDA

19/12/2008 United Against Torture/ UAT Steering Committee

1-3/7/2008 Labor Inspection/Ministry of Labor

21/1/2008-23/1/2008 Rational Governance for the service of development in the Arab countries

29/07/2008 – 30/07/2008 Regional Conference on Preventing Corruption and Strengthening Cooperation between Anti-Corruption Bodies in the Arab Region UNDP-POGAR

16/06/2009 International Federation for Islamic Insurance Sixth Conference/ IFIIC

1-2/4/2009 Jordan-Euro Conference on Renewable Energy/ Jordan Businessmen Association

12-24/4/2009 The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Malaria and Tuberculosis/ Regional Meeting

15-16/2/2009 Protecting Family From Violence/ Family Protection Council

16-17/1/2009 Role of training for human resource development/ Ministry of Finance-Jordan

23/5/2009 – 4/6/2009 Training Course for PAP Rangers/ USAID

31/10/2009-2/11/2009 US-Middle East partnership for breast cancer awareness and research/ US-Middle East Partnership

8-12/3/2009 LAMP international workshop

9-10/6/2009 Poverty Reduction Strategy/ UNDP

22/6/2009 Towards a Modern Competition Law for Jordan Workshop/ Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

23-24/6/2009 Progress Assessment Meeting on Private Sector Development Programme/ UNIDO

28/6/2009-24/7/2009 Musawat Project/ Regional Training: Governance, Disability and Public Policy/ Handicap International/Amman

20/8/2009 Consecutive interpreter for a working session at Aghadeer Agreement headquarters.

30/9-1/10  Red Cross Federation

5-6/10/2009  Capacity Building Managing for Results and Impacts (CaMaRI),

4/11/2009 Lead without a Title

17/11/2009  Creative Commons/ TAG-CB

16-17/12/2009 The Technical Meeting in Preparation for the 2nd ITAP-IT Meeting

February 7-8, 2010.  Rule of the Law Project- TAG-CB

February 23-25, 2010, World Bank.  Iraq’s Trust Fund.

February 28- March 1, 2010, Rule of the Law Project, TAG-CB

March 6-7. Rule of the Law Project- Tag-CB

March 13-14, 2010, Rule of the Law Project, TAG-CB

April 11-13, 2010. Clinical Education. Istanbul-Turkey

April 15, 2010. Renewable Energy, VESTAS

April 17-18, 2010. Local Area Development Program. UNDP-Iraq

April 28, 2010. Technical trade barriers workshop. Arab Administrative Development Organisation

May 4, 2010. Women in Law Workshop.

May 9, 2010. SOFEX 2010. SOFEX-Jordan/ Royal Hotel

May 16-18, 2010.  ESSENTIALS OF MIGRATION MANAGEMENT TRAINING, Officers’ Training Institute. Muwaqqar

May 24, 2010, Karama Project, MIZAN. (Muna)

May 26, 2010 (morning) Karama Project, MIZAN

May 26-27, 2010. Civic Participation. Irbid and Kerak. Konrad Adenauer

June 17, 2010, Educational Reform Conference, Royal Hotel

July 4-9, 2010. Iraqi Census Technical Meetings.  Land Mark. UNFPA

July 17-30. Petra Park Rangers’ Training – USAID

September 18-22, 2010. Leadership Training Workshop, Women In Law. Dead Sea Moovenpick Hotel

September 26-30, 2010. Anti-Fraud Workshop. IOM

October 4-7, 2010. ICP Second Round Workshop- ESCWA

October 13, 2010. Iraqi Defense Centres’ Workshop. JISR Organisation

October 18, 2010. Combating Child Labour Through Education Workshop. US Department of Labour

October 17, 19, 20, 21. Iraqi Monitors’ Workshop. IOM.

October 28, 2010.  Water Management workshop.  GTZ. Isra University

November 9, 2010.  Interview with Former President of South Africa. Jordan Media Institute.

November 12, 2010. Empowering Children through Research. King Hussein Foundation.

November 23-24, 2010. Earth Charter’s celebrations plus 10. Dead Sea. Movenpick Hotel.

November 29-30, 2010. GTZ Food Safety Workshop.  Amman.

December 13, 2010. Report Writing. National Human Rights Centre.

December 14-15, 2010.  Anti-Corruption Commission workshop on Tax Evasion. Amman.

January 15-16, 2011. Workshop on the reform of Iraqi public sector in statistics. UNPFA

February 9-10/2011. Workshop on Protection for Victims of Trafficking: Building a National Referral System

March 26, 2011. Field visit to NFE centres in Amman – CHF

April 4?

April 26, 2011- Parks Management – Jordan Parks Project/USAID

May 1?

May 12-14, 2011. Workshop on Women’s Political Participation in Jordan. Sindyan Society. Ajloun.

May 18, 2011. Meeting between Four Seasons Hotel’s Manager and Staff. Amman.

June 17-18, 2011 Gender: Academics and Civil Society Organisations.  Konrad Adenauer. Amman

June 20, 2011, Migrant Workers and Forced Labor. Tamkeen. Amman.

June 28, 2011, Nuclear Energy: pros and cons. Amman.

October 1-2, 2011, Arab Film Organisation Forum.

October 9-13, 2011, Iraqi Bank Inspection Sector Reform. UNDP/World Bank

October 25, 2011- Conference on Raptor Pest Control, Hanns Seidel Foundation. Dead Sea, Jordan.

October 26, 2011. Highland Water Forum 7th Meeting, Landmark Hotel. Amman. Jordan.