Translating with blood and tears

Dear Friends

Perhaps you have been once or more with this unique expereince where the translator has to feel the pain of the original writer before translating the text.  This is what happened to me today with this text from Arabic into English.  I am still under the painful effects of the text that will keep me away from translating the text for around an hour from now.

Here is the original text:

“تجربة التشرد ليست بالأمر الهين… التشرد ترك فينا ندبا لا تمحى وخلف آثارا سلبية في حياتنا وقلوبنا وعقولنا… التشرد لا يقتصر فقط على من إفترش الشارع وتلحف السماء… وإنما يشمل أيضاً كل من خرج من دور الرعاية وقد فقد الحب والحنان… فقد الأمان والطموح والأحلام… وفقد الرغبة في الحياة… ”
أحد خرجي دور الرعاية
Here is my translation into English:

“Being homeless is not easy. It has left scars that cannot be erased from our memories or hearts. Homelessness is less about taking the street as a bed and the sky as a blanket and is more about leaving care homes with lost love and tender, broken dreams, an increasingly deteriorating sense of security and a diminishing will to live ever after.”

Quoted anonymously by a care home graduate

This perhaps gives another meaning to “Translating in blood and tears”.

رُخَّصت المدونة بموجب المشاع الإبداعي

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