You and People

دورات الترجمة هنا

Thoughts Outspoken

Shawal 9th, 1423

ABU-RISHA, Mohammed

You and People

“The Self does not get to know itself unless it encounters the Non-Self”

Every now and then you often think about other people and your relations with them.  You often talk of them.  You praise, you blame, you applaud, you curse….. But, do you really understand these relations correctly?  Here is a way to understand how your interpersonal interactions take place.

1-               When you speak to them you see the tears jumping from their eyes, right?

This is not because of your eloquence or because your words are impressing, but people have feelings.

2-               You get some money from them and then decide not to give them back what you have borrowed.

You are not clever, but they have trusted you.

3-               They have done something wrong and when they came to apologise, you refused to listen.

They are not weak, you are merciless.

4-               You saw one with worn-out clothes, you laughed.

They are not amusing, you are heartless.

5-               You asked someone to give you a lift although he was very busy, and he did.

They do not adore you, you are tactless.

6-               You said something bad to someone, they kept silent and did not reply

They are not cowards, you are insolent.

7-               You are the boss and all of them around you obey you without objections.

They do not respect you, you are a tyrant.

8-               When they see you they try to get away from you.

They are not indifferent, you are disgusting.

9-               When you are delivering a speech, people start yawning.

They are not negligent, you and your speech are both boring.

10-               People say they love you, you get annoyed, you feel they are lying.

They are not hypocrite, you are skeptical.

11-               They recited to you verses from the Holy Quran, to convince you of something, but you didn’t listen.

They are not “too religious”, you are devilish.

12-               People told you that you are not doing the job in the right way.  You grew angry.

They are not envious, you are bad-tempered.

13-               People in your work ask you to do a lot of things.  You smile and feel very pleased that people cannot breathe without you.

They are not dependant on you, you are simply carrying out your duties.

14-               People often backbite you, hate you, despise you, wish you everything bad, count your mistakes, try to harm you, lie to you, misquote you, cool your friends, warm your enemies, dig a hole in your way for you to fall in, they are furious at your success and often they laugh at your failure.

You are worried about it, you think you are right and they are wrong.

You feel how bitter they treat you? Right?

You can’t stand the way they treat you?

You want to know why?

It is just because you are what you are in Points (1) – (13) above

And that is why people are what people are in Point (14):

May God guide you to the right path.

God bless you.


One thought on “You and People

  1. It made me smile upon reaching the end, it’s like you are telling readers to stop and think of how we behave, and to be careful not to be what you warn us of..enjoyed reading it.

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