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Thoughts Outspoken

Shawal 24, 1423

ABU-RISHA, Mohammed

What the Rumors Say

“What are you reading?

Words, words, words”


We call them rumors.  They spread like fire in dry stalks.  They are made of simple words but often do they destroy.  Here is a list of some rumors and the truth  about them.

I- Rumors Say:

1- Pokemon is a cartoon series and a game enjoyed by children almost everywhere in the world.  Its characters had an influence on children as well as on adults, some of whom decided to call second-year students “Pokemons”, having already called the freshmen “Sanafer”, characters of an older series in the cartoon world.

Last year, it was said that the real meaning of the name Pikashu, the main character of this series, means in Japanese “God is mean”.  Charamander, another character of the same series was said to mean “God is poor”.  The word “Pokemon” itself means “I am a Jew”. Certainly, this is a conspiracy which aims to turn our children from……. from Islam.

The rumor thus called all Muslims to watch out for this devilish series and prevent their children from watching this haram program on TV.

2- Some years ago, people boycotted PEPSI products here for a significant reason: PEPSI is an acronym of “Preserve Every Penny to Serve Israel”,,, well I was told that it meant “Preserve Each Pence to Serve Israel”.  So anyone faithful to Palestine and faithful to Islam shall certainly stop drinking that another “devilish” product.

3- Coca Cola:  When you produce the brand against a mirror you can clearly read it in Arabic as: “la Muhammad la makka” (No Mohammed, No Mecca).  Again, you cannot expect a devoted Muslim to drink something that holds such a bad slogan against Muslims.  It goes without saying…..

4- A few days ago, I received an email warning faithful Muslims of the use of the word “mosque”.  The warning says that the word “masjid” should be used instead because the English word has a blood-stained and shameful story.  According to the email, when the Spanish invaded Andalusia, they saw the mosques and said “Let us destroy that mosquito-like buildings”. Thus the word “mosque” is derived from the word “mosquito”.

B- Facts:

1- Last year, I sent an email to Messers Nintendo, the company in charge of manufacturing and selling Pokemon products, and I asked them for a response to the criticism about the pokemon names.  Their answer was amazing.

To begin, the Japanese company first designed the names of the Pokemon characters in way that is meaningful to the Japanese, but when they wanted to present their products to the English-speaking communities, they decided to choose names that could explain simply the function or the main characteristics of each pokemon.  Thus the Japanese name for “Pikashu” is to be understood in English as “the Electric Mouse” because it uses electricity.  By the same token, the names “Magnemite” and “Mr Mime” refer to “magnet” and “mimetic” respectively, two characteristics of the two pokemons.

Nintendo furthermore told me that such a rumor mentioned above has been plotted and circulated by competitive companies in the same field.  The word “Pokemon” itself is derived from two words representing the true nature of the monsters that can be put in one’s pocket: “POCKet MONster”.

If you have time, just check your browser on the internet and search for the following two strings: (“pokemone” “I am a Jew”) and you will see how the whole world is making fun of our “linguistic smartness”!!!

2- I checked at the internet the online site of PEPSI Co. to check for the history of the word PEPSI.  The result is funny:

“The trademark appeared in 1898, when Caleb Bradham, a New Bern, North Carolina pharmacist, renames “Brad’s Drink,” a carbonated soft drink he’s created to serve his drugstore’s fountain customers. The new name, Pepsi-Cola, was first used on August 28 in the same year. “

My brain also has some information about the matter :+D The above drink “PEPSI” was meant by the pharmacist, Bradham, to help his customers overcome their “dyspepsia“.  Now I know that you are intelligent enough to know where the word PEPSI came from.

3- Coca Cola:  Well, I did not bother myself to check, but I know that the result is the same as experience taught me that such a smart discovery of the relationship between Coca Cola and Mecca is just a product of another type of dotage in some people’s mind.  I am 100% sure that turn it upside down, tilt it right or tilt it left, “Coca Cola” will stay “Coca Cola” and nothing else.

4- I traced the etymology of the word “mosque” and had the following result:

mosque – 1717, from Middle French. mosquée, from Italian. moschea, from Spanish. mezquita, ultimately from Arabic. masjid “temple, place of worship,” from sajada “he worshipped.”  In M.E. as moseak, moseache.

Thus the Spanish word “mezquita” is genuinely related to other similar words “moseak, moseache” referring to the act of sojood from which the Arabic word masjedi is derived.

Moreover the word “mosquito” in Spanish is “el mosquito“.  Had the name “mosquito” been used to refer to a mosque, we would not have two distinct words “mosquito” and “mosque“.  In other words, “mosque” and “mosquito” were never used interchangeably to refer to the masjid.

C- Conclusion

The above logical discussion will lead me to ask the following question:  “Why do we Muslims and Arabs equally allow ourselves to be referred to as idiots by those who find in us a good instrument for fulfilling their plots and their defaming designs against each other in a rat-race competition which we are gaining nothing from?!!!”


One thought on “Rumours

  1. Thanks Mr. Muhammad for such a precious pieces of new information which i would not know till reading this post..
    actually, i have also an email witch encourages poeple to ignore such a wishy wash rumours which do nothing but preventing progress

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