دورات الترجمة هنا

Thoughts Outspoken

Muharram 27th, 1424

ABU-RISHA, Mohammed


Between the abode of evil and that of the good there stood the lofty wall.  The angels dragged a goat on it ostensibly to slay it for some reason or another.  We all knew the goat.  We all know why he is being slain now.  In the abode of evil, people were standing agape, and you could see the terror in their eyes wishing time to stop, supplicating to God once more that this moment be delayed, being frightened to “death” to live a life that would not end. On the other side of the wall, I stood with other people like me with glittering looks waiting with suspense for this moment to be over, for the slaying of that goat, looking forward for a renaissance, for a life that would not end.

Everyone of us, those waiting in the abode of the good, was satisfied realising once again indeed that the promise of God was true and that the time of sadness and that of weariness we underwent in earthly life were but an interval which came to an end for good……

Some of us, like me, did not have the blessing of being on this side of the wall only as a result of our virtuous deeds but also because of the devilish treatment we received at the hands of those in hell.  Eye for Eye: they have taken with them our sins; we have taken their good deeds.  We suffered at their hands a lot, but our belief in God’s promise strengthened our wills and made us endure the earthy injustice just because we always knew that we could be the winners in the other life.  And, yes, the other life has come at last, and we have seen the promise of God fulfilled.

Among those people whose faces turned black by their sins and by the wrath of God the Almighty, I saw those whose hands were the reason behind my torture and distress in the former life.  I opened my mouth and said to them, for they could here me clearly having turned once a deaf ear to my tears and cries, “Can you now see how my Lord’s promise has been fulfilled?  I have seen this myself.”

I read an advertisement in the newspaper announcing for granting a scholarship on the doctoral level, and with great happiness and hope I rushed with all my documents and papers to apply.  On the way, my dreams were coming true.  I finally got the chance to apply.  I will certainly win that scholarship because they will be very pleased if they read my CV and have a look at my academic performance. But I was told, you cannot EVEN APPLY simply because the grade of your secondary grade is not satisfactory.  I went back home depressed.  I cried and cried and cried, but in vain would my tears be seen by the eyes of hard-hearted people.

I applied for a job per the advertisement of that university in the newspaper.  I went there and applied.  And, later on the results were incredible.  They showed me the list of applicants in order of preference with my name as the second one or the “just-in-case alternative”.  The list showed the first person had an average of “Very Good” while my average was “Excellent”, and still they hired her just because “she is beeeeeeeeetter”.

A few months later: another announcement in the newspaper by another university revived me because of its fair requirements.  I jumped out of joy that kills and prepared with my friends all the papers again, took our books and prepared ourselves for the long journey to the far-southern part of the country to attend the written test.

The journey lasted for about three hours during which you could see in the bus a good number of would-be applicants from a variety of fields of specializations: accountancy, English, Arabic, law and other more ones.  Their eyes were glittering with hope.  From their smiles of satisfaction, you could understand that he/she was daydreaming: “I got it!  I can’t believe myself.  I will be a doctor in the university.  At last!  My sufferance has come to an end,,,,, the sufferance of my family too…..”  You could see with them books, rulers, calculators and other things that would tell you how those people prepared hard for the exam,,, how they are clinging to that opportunity that might not come again.  Each two persons of the same field were conversing with each other trying to revise important details in their subjects of study.  As for me, I was discussing with my friend the theory of translation and some other related topics like pragmatics and discourse analysis.  In other words, the bus was full of life and energy, a beehive so to speak.  A laugh from someone from time to time could uncover inner feelings of joy and pleasure.  It was an incredible moment for all of us, and all of us could not believe ourselves when we arrived at the university, but

“Who was the first Arab leader of the city of…….. appointed by Byzantium?”

The exam silenced us or verbally killed us.  It was shocking, for we could not believe that now our dreams were fake!  Someone rose and shouted: “Would you conclude that I am no patriotic if I don’t know how to answer these questions!”

On my part, I could answer no question.  We went to the bus station, but unlike the way we came, in our journey home, all of us were tired and silent.

That was perhaps the last time I dared apply for a scholarship.  But I did not give up applying for jobs and this time was upon the advertisement of a university for its need of an examination officer.  In short: I applied and I was refused, which was very normal for me by then.  But still I had to be shocked six months ago, when someone surprised me by telling me that he knew about my application, that my application was the most successful, that the committee decided on me for the job but just a slip of paper by a big wasta was entered to the committee reading: “Hire Mr. So and So”.

Today I went to apply for a job at some university, and I was not surprised when I was told “We cannot accept your application because your secondary education grade is not satisfactory”……………………………….

The first drops of his blood started to fall followed by a stream!  Time stopped or in fact ended, and Death, the companion of mankind, was slain.  He died marking a new beginning and a new era: an eternal life for the miserable and a new beginning for the pleased:

وسقى الصلصال الإنسان فرحا

وسقى الصلصال الإنسان ترحا

وبين السور الفاصل بين الظالم والمظلوم

جلجل صوت الحق

لا ظلم اليوم

.                                     لا ظلم اليوم

.                                                                    لا ظلم اليوم


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